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Brand strategy and bespoke creative services for ethical and sustainable entrepreneurship

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Our world today is full of products that come at a great cost for workers and the environment.

We’d like to contribute to change by championing YOU: the company or individual making ethical choices about their offer and business model.

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as you make the world
a better place,
client by client

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long-term brand
equity and secure your investment​

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authentic, confident
and inspire trust to
your audience

People who've chosen us say...

I recommend INCIPIENT to everyone who needs strategy and consulting to develop their brand, especially if you’re just starting out as a business or as a freelance professional.

The approach was open and friendly, I felt listened to and understood. They brought to light information that I myself was unaware of about my expertise, business and clients. They saw and encouraged my qualities and resources, my ability to succeed, instead of focusing on what was “not good enough”.

I was very happy we worked in a disciplined and structured way, making allowances for my priorities, budget and deadlines.

A few months later, the two projects we have worked on give me confidence to promote myself and help me find new clients.
Effective Human Resources logo
Elena Antohi
Founder, Effective Human Resources
With attention to details and a lot of taste, INCIPIENT can be your perfect choice in turning your ideas into a palpable graphic reality.

Working with them is not just about execution, but about dialogue in terms of making the best decisions for your brand.
Headshot of Ana Maria Stoica
Ana-Maria Stoica
Co-Founder, Atelierul de Kizomba
I had a great experience during my strategy session with INCIPIENT! Their professionalism, knowledge and friendly demeanor made the session a positive one. They actively listened and provided valuable insights, helping me gain clarity with my business.

I highly recommend the session to anyone looking for guidance and support!
Aida M.
Human behind Amabile

How can we help you thrive?

Building your brand is about building longterm trust with your customers. During the brand strategy workshop, we’ll make a plan about how you’ll fulfill your business objectives by earning that trust. The topics we’ll go through are:

✔️ Identity (what you stand for & your personality)
✔️ Audience (what they want & how they behave)
✔️ Competition (what are others doing & how you stack up)
✔️ Gap analysis (what the clients need & competitors fail to provide)
✔️ Positioning (what is the best place for you in the market)
✔️ Actionable insights (wrap up everything we learned so far into a set of actions to reach your goal)

The action plan you will receive at the end will become the foundation for future creative or marketing work, while also serving as a guiding light for your decision-making process.

Identity design covers everything that’s visible about your business. We’re talking about your logo, brand colors, typography and other visual assets, like social media graphics.

Every design decision is based on the strategy session insights and is perfectly aligned with your brand identity and positioning, integrating seamlessly into your action plan.

To support you and your (future) team preserve consistency and stay on-brand across all channels, you will receive a Brand Manual: a repository of knowledge including all of the assets that make up your brand and instructions on how to use them.

Take full ownership of your brand by creating or updating your own platform, whether it’s a website or an app. Make it easy for customers to understand your sustainable offer, get excited about you and press BUY.

We can structure, design and build your presentation website or small online shop, including services such as copywriting, content writing and SEO.

We can also:

✔️ team up with your developers if you’re making an app

✔️ coordinate with other creative experts already working on your project

✔️ source other creative experts to cover specific needs or to speed things up

Sustainability, accessibility and privacy are at the heart of our practice, not just nice-to-haves. We assist you in going beyond legal compliance and creating a better web for everyone.

If you already have a brand strategy, a visual identity and a website, it’s time to super-charge your growth. We enable you to follow the action plan and stay on-brand through filling your Brand Manager or Creative Director role on a contract basis. We can also:

✔️ collaborate with your in-house marketer(s)

✔️ source and coordinate a freelancer team

Allow your brand to spring up, reach for the light and bloom in the hearts of your audience.

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Let’s crack that shell!

Book a 30-minute free brand strategy consultation using the calendar or drop us a line:

✏️ You’ll get an answer in 2 days or less.

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